Our Team

We are a small team of Qualified and Passionate professionals working at Kidopia child care and preschool with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to meeting you. 

Hello, my name is Taruna, I am the Approved provider/Owner. I have my Masters in Science and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and care. I am also Quality Assurance Auditor and worked in several industries to improve the process. I love being with children and nurturing them with love and affection, which is the foundation of Kidopia.
My philosophy is that if we believe in our children, always support them and love them, then they will grow into confident and responsible adults.

“Teaching is not about answering questions but about raising questions – opening doors for them in places that they could not imagine.”

My name is Michelle and I am the Centre Director at Kidopia child care. I Have done Bachelors in Early Childhood and Education. I enjoy working with children and watching them learn, research, and understand the world around them, I love mentoring my staff and leading them to embed practises, foster relationships with children and to help them further progress in their own careers. I believe in building strong relationships with children and families and work in collaboratively to provide best care and education for our children.I look forward to meeting you and your wonderful children. 


Hello, my name is Emma, I am the Starkids Room Leader. I have my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and care. I have had the privilege of working in this industry for almost 10 years.
II have loved being a part of the industry and worshipped watching all the children learn, grow and develop it is wonderful to see them reach milestones. I hold a diploma that I had finished in 2015, In my tenure at Kidopia  and I am so glad to be a part of the team and continue to build of my experiences in the childcare industry.

Hello, my name is Valeska, I am the Supernova Room Leader. I have my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and care. I have had the privilege of working in this industry for almost 4 years.
I particularly enjoy watching the children grow and develop their skills. I think there is nothing more rewarding than seeing and interacting with children learning through play.
I am incredibly happy to be a part of this wonderful team here in Kidopia because it is such a fun and enjoyable place to be. We are like a big family and I have made some lifelong friends during my time at the Centre


I am the Assistant Director at Kidopia. I began my career in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2015 and started working at Kidopia in 2021. I have completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and I am studying towards my Bachelor of Education (Birth to Five) at CSU.
I became an Early Childhood Teacher because I have always been inspired by the way children view the world. I love their inquisitive nature as they wonder, investigate, and make new discoveries through their play and their interactions with others.


My name is Manoshi and I am the room leader of the preschool room Milkyway.

I hold a diploma in children’s services with 3 years of experience. As an early childhood educator, I believe in a holistic approach where educators work alongside each other as well as children and families to create an inclusive environment. I am a deeply caring person who adores and delights in all children! 

The children's interests often lead us to our own adventure that have a life of their own and is only limited by their imagination.